Theo's Page

Real name: Theodore Chang-Ping Keller
Code name: Hat Trick
Due date: November 21, 2003
Actual arrival date: November 8, 2003
Gender: Male
Approximate weight: 7 pounds, 9 ounces (as of 11/17/03)
26 pounds (as of 7/21/05)
34 pounds (as of 11/10/06)
Occupation: Being a toddler; being a big brother
Job Description: Sleep, whine, eat, yell, look cute
Maintain entropy, keep parents in line, continue domination of house.
Hobbies: Kicking, elbowing, wriggling, wrestling.
Doggies, trains, walking, running, climbing.
Likes: Blueberries, almost any fruit, yogurt, ice cream, Blund bear


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Prenatal FAQs:

Q. Why "Hat Trick"? And are you really going to name him Hatrick, or maybe Patrick?
A. Keith is a hockey player, and Hat Trick is a funny hockey term. Only ask for more info if you really want to know. No, Hatrick/Patrick is not a name currently in the running.

Q. So what are you going to name him?
A. We developed a short list of names and will pick after he's born and we see what he looks like. His surname will be Keller, and his middle name will start with "Chang", the generational prefix for the Chien family. Other than that, we can tell you what names have been rejected:
and in fact all names from The Lord of the Rings. (Keith points out that Theo could also be a nickname for Theodred.)

Q. Are you excited?
A. Well, duh.

Q. Are you scared?
A. See above.

Q. Are you ready?
A. As ready as we'll ever be.

Q. Has Chi-An had any weird cravings?
A. Yeah, for food. Other than that, she's just extremely susceptible to suggestion, so don't talk about fried chicken around her unless you have some ready to hand over.

Q. How much weight has Chi-An gained?
A. Approximately 22 lbs. as of 11/6/03. She actually was up to n + 25 lbs, but was diagnosed with gestational diabetes and put on a pretty strict diet, so she lost a little weight and then stabilized.

Q. How much weight has Keith gained?
A. None, although not for lack of wanting or trying. (Keith says, "HUMPH!")

If we had a dollar for everytime we heard these statements, we'd have Theo's college fund covered by now:

"Your lives are going to change."
"Your belly is so big!"
"Your belly is so round!"
"You really look pregnant."
"You're bigger than the last time I saw you."
"Are you sure you're ready for this?"
"It's a boy, right? Your belly is pointy."
"It's a boy because you're carrying high."
"Your lives are going to change."

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