Low-rent illustrations of jewelry I've designed:
Bracelet made for Faith Lee (7.3K)

Bracelet made for Laura Schaldach (12K)

Bracelet made for Rosalie Lack (8K)

Necklace made for Sarah McKibben (43K)

Flashy photography by Sally McKissick of jewelry I've designed:
Ice necklace (46K)

Necklace of jewel tones (47K)

Necklace of dice and other funky stuff (the darkness of this image is my fault, not Sally's) (13K)

Necklace of fish vertebrae and other stuff (51K)

Three bracelets, made for Sally, Brendan's mom, and myself (28K)

If you have jewelry that I've designed for you that is not illustrated here, please let me know. (I've made enough stuff that I don't remember it all. . .)
Please send comments or requests to me at cachien@sirius.com.
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last updated: 2/23/00