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"The Nine Types of Relationships:
Love Bunnies

Advantages: Bliss, intimacy, joy, satisfaction, fulfillment.
Drawbacks: Sickening, isn't it?"
-- Matt Groening, Love is Hell

Hey, he started it. In the words of Da Frawg, "You instigates, I escalates."

Keith Keller was my slave of the session, er, teaching assistant, at CTY's second session in 1994. After finishing his degree at that paltry excuse for a school that he attended, he subsequently moved here to San Francisco, too smitten with me to live anywhere else. At least that's how I remember it. History is written by the conquerors, right?

Keiferboy is currently a computer consultant/high school math teacher. Call him up or send him mail and ask him a useless question. He has nothing better to do with his time.

Under Keith's influence, I've become *gasp!* a hockey fan. Well, a hockey watcher, at least, and I can make intelligent comments about the game. And if a game's on, I'll watch it. And I read the Sports pages of the paper now. And I know most of the current standings. And. . .okay, I'm a fan.

Under my influence, Keith has shown few outward changes (except a better fashion sense- media alert, he can now pick out his clothes and dress himself!) although of course his world is a much better place with me in it. I'm working on the insidious insinuating inside track, where I worm my way into his life little by little until one day he wakes up to find that I own his soul and it's being kept in a root beer bottle labelled KEITH'S SOUL ROOT BEER- DO NOT DRINK!!

"Mmmm, soul root beer, mmmm....."


Well, I guess I really did have him on the rent-to-own policy. We got married on August 7, 1999. You can check out our wedding pages for more juicy details.

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