Double Wedding Ring Around the World Quilt

This was for my brother Chi-Kai's wedding to Setsuko Sato at the end of May 2003. I started this pretty much as soon as they got engaged in the summer of 2002. It's the biggest quilt that I've tried so far- a queen size. Like all of my quilts to date, it's machine-pieced and hand quilted, so it's the quilting that took a long time.

The pattern is called Around the World, or Sunshine and Shadows. (Those are some other examples of this pattern, which give you an idea of the overall pattern). The quilting pattern is a little unusual. See, there's a traditional quilt called Double Wedding Ring. However, it's darned complicated and I knew I wouldn't have the time or patience to stitch together all those little pieces. So, instead I used a variation called Wedding Star as the quilting pattern on top.

I picked the colors red and white for this quilt because it's a wedding quilt. Red is the traditional Chinese wedding and celebration color, and of course white is the typical modern American wedding color. Plus red is Setsuko's favorite color. The seashell/fan fabric is a Japnese pattern, and I picked the cranes because they are also a symbol of good luck in both Chinese and Japanese cultures. (as you may know, we used cranes a lot in our wedding too). The backing is a flannel of hearts and little scottie dogs. Kind of a goofy pattern in contrast to the front, but it reminded me of Setsuko right away. Not because of the goofiness, because of the dogs!

Actual size: approx. 75" X 75". Because it's so big, i had difficulty getting a picture of the whole quilt at once! It's a symmetric design, though, so the below picture should give you a good idea.

Here are some detail pictures of the quilt:
Detail showing quilting on front
Detail showing quilting on back
The front and back of the quilt together
Detail of a fabric
Detail of the border
in progress

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