Double-Sided Dreaming Quilt

I made this quilt for Fiel and Peter's wedding (10/4/2003). I started it sometime in 12/03 and finished in 3/04. Fiel loves Japanese design, so I chose from Japanese men's kimono fabrics.

This quilt was my first attempt at doing a double-sided quilt; I think I decided that getting precise match-ups of one side to the other is beyond my capabilities. I had originally wanted to do an overall diagonal grid of quilting, but since the two sides didn't match very well, I opted for a sort of organic quilt-as-you-go approach. It's hand-quilted, and I would stick to one side for an area, quilting along a design element. After a while I would flip to have the other side up and follow a graphic there. The result looks random overall, but if you look more closely you can see the pattern in small areas. It's definitely the closest hand-quilting I've done!

I made a loop at each corner so Fiel and Peter could decide which side and orientation to display. The "label" is written on the binding.

Actual size: approx. 16" x 16".

Here are some detail pictures of the quilt:
Detail 1
Detail 2
Detail 3
A detail from an angle, showing the texture
Label, part 1
Label, part 2
Label, part 3
Label, part 4

What is this background?
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