Nesting Quilt

This was supposed to be a Christmas present (2002) for my in-laws, Tim and Caryn, but, um... I didn't make it in time. I'm told this is a time-honored tradition among quilters- not finishing in time. So then I aimed for Caryn's birthday in July 2003. Then I found out we were pregnant, due in November 2003, so I was hoping for Christmas 2003. So I finished in February 2004. That's why the label calls it "The Xmas-Bday-Xmas Quilt".

The quilt blocks are simple Log Cabins, and I spent awhile futzing around with different layouts. Keith calls this final layout the Steps of Rome (woo-woo! it's a restaurant in North Beach). I call this the Nesting quilt because of the little chicks on the focus fabric, plus Tim and Caryn are real nesters.

I machine quilted the diagonals and hoped to do more machine quilting in some of the diamonds, but then decided to finish it by tying instead, otherwise this could have been an Xmas-BDay-Xmas-Bday-Xmas... you get the picture.

Actual size: approx. 36" x 48".

Here are some detail pictures of the quilt:
Detail showing the border plus quilting & tying
The pieced top, before quilting
Detail, before quilting

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last updated: 2/19/04