I Shall Wear Purple Quilt

This was made for my mother's 66th birthday, 7/15/04. She was diagnosed with cancer in May 2004 and I wanted her to have a nice lap quilt. I used fabrics from my stash, concentrating on reds and purples for their cheerfulness. The title and purpleness are inspired by a famous poem called "When I Am An Old Woman I Shall Wear Purple".

I did this quilt pretty quickly; I had just a few weeks to do it before my mom's birthday, plus with Theo I didn't have a lot of time. So I used the Around the World pattern to sew the top quickly, with Theo playing in the sewing room next to me. This was before he learned to crawl! I did the hand quilting in the evenings after Theo went to bed. The quilting is freehand, curlicues and loops radiating from the center square.

Actual size: approx. 45" x 45".

Here are some detail pictures of the quilt:
Detail 1
A detail from an angle, showing the texture of quilting
Back of the quilt

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last updated: 10/21/04