Quilts and other fabric stuff

Okay, once again I'm too busy living my life to document it for the web...surprise.

Alpha: 10-11/01: The Evolution of Zebrafish, a quilt I made for my brother the neurobiologist. Guess what animal he works with.

Beta: 11-12/01: Daphne Gilwedel's name quilt.

1.0: 12/01-5/02: Baby Dolphins

2.0: 2-9/02: Land Sea Space

3.0: 3-12/02: Busy Bunny Black and White

4.0: 4/03: Expanding Universes

5.0: 6/02-5/03: Double Wedding Ring Around the World

6.0: 9/02-2/04: Nesting

7.0: 1/04-3/04: Animal Jumble

8.0: 12/03-3/04: Double-Sided Dreaming

9.0: 6/04-7/04: I Shall Wear Purple

in progress: 1/03-?: Rattlesnake

Here's the quilt that started it all, a collaborative effort made for Zachary Cope.

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last updated: 10/21/04