Expanding Universes Quilt

This quilt was made for my cousin Anna Yew's wedding to Christian Schmidkonz. It also became a present for their son Lorenz (born 9/03).

Being as I had about 4 weeks notice for their wedding, they got a small quilt. I made this with fabrics I had in my stash from the Busy Bunny quilt. I actually finished this quilt in a little less than a week. It helped that I was home sick for two days- unable to code, but able to quilt.

The quilting pattern was supposed to be concentric circles with diagonals crossing the center. It ended up as concentric, um, erratic ellipses with diagnoals crossing the center. No one ever said the universe was perfectly round!

Actual size: approx. 24" X 24".

Here are some detail pictures of the quilt:
Center square
Lorenz sleeping next to the quilt, wearing a hat I made for him

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last updated: 2/19/04