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This is my page to tell you about some neat stuff I've found on the web.

Trying to get around in the Bay Area? Look at the Bay Area Transit Page run by Berkeley. It's got schedules and connection info for all the Bay Area Transit companies.

Muppets Tonight is one of my favorite shows. . . however it's in danger of being cancelled (again!) Here are some other Muppet-related sites:

Check out Women's Wire, a hip, snazzy on-line magazine for women.

Take a look at Channel A. It used to be a fun and informative on-line magazine for and about Asian-Americans, sadly it's devolved into a big merchandising site. Still worth a peek though.

One of my family members recently died of ovarian cancer. The Mind2Body page is a great clearinghouse for information about ovarian cancer.

The Hyperactive Zen page is a really fun site with an Animaniacs archive and The Sesame Street Connection with lots of graphics and sounds. Also includes archives of backgrounds, buttons, icons, etc.

If you like frogs, check out The Froggy Page.

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