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The star of the show is a set of pictures of our house, with plans and clickable image maps, courtesy of Keith. These pictures were taken at various times between November 2000 and August 2001. If Keith ever gets his act together we have some pictures from after the remodel.

Some background on the house:

It was built in 1942, when this section of the Excelsior was known as the Stonecrest development. This type of house was known as a "Junior 4" because it had basically 4 rooms upstairs (kitchen, living room, two bedrooms). Sometime in the 50s or 60s an extra room was added in back, making it a "Junior 5". However, since you have to walk through another room to get to the extra room, it isn't technically a 3 bedroom house.

The house had been in the same family from the time it was built until this year; we bought it from the children of the original owners.

In 2007 we did a huge remodel of the house, adding on another wing and almost doubling our square footage. It was a crazy year, but it's done, and the house looks great.

How we bought the house:

Well, we'll spare you the gory details of our search. Suffice it to say that we were looking at the height of the Bay Area housing craziness, when there was no end in sight. This was the 115th house we saw and the 5th house we made an offer on. The fates were smiling on us this time and less than 24 hours after first seeing the house, we had our offer accepted. We were in escrow for two months, closed just after Chi-An's birthday at the end of July, and then moved in at the end of August.

People have been asking us whether we got hosed by buying our house at the time we did. It depends on your point of view: Yes, housing prices have stopped increasing exponentially, but that's for the entire Bay Area, so relative to the housing we might buy next, we're relatively static. Also, the mutual funds in which we were invested got hosed a lot worse than the housing market, so we actually made out quite well, overall. Even with the housing market crash, and all the money we put into the remodel, we'd still come out ahead if we had to sell.

What we'd like to do (sort of in order):

What we did before the remodel: (unless otherwise stated, we did all of the work ourselves)

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