Once upon a time there were two kids named Keith and Chi-An. Our story really picks up sometime in 1994, when they met, somewhat larger in mind and body, but not necessarily in maturity.

Keith and Chi-An did lots of stuff together, including going to Disneyland in 1996. There Chi-An found her long-lost twin and made a new friend. Keith also found a new friend and then got hit on the head and thought he was Roger Rabbit.

They took several other trips, such as going to Philadelphia in the summer of 1997, where they had dinner with Wendy at the Magnolia Cafe.

In April 98 Keith and Chi-An drove to Vancouver and then took the ferry to Victoria to see the beginning of the Trans-Canadian Highway. (also see this) Later that summer they went to the East Coast several times to see their families.

Closer to home, they went to barbecues at Shirley and Stephanie's house where Keith reigned supreme as Grillmeister. They set up elaborate train tracks, went to hockey games, set up more train tracks, and kept house with lots of animals.

The animals occasionally got the better of them. (also see this) Kobi the polar bear had an especially big appetite.

When Christmas of 98 came, Chi-An and Keith gave and received neat presents, including a nifty hat for Keith and a decorative fan for their house.

That's all for today for the story of Keith and Chi-An, but come back later for more! Although they both say it seems like forever that they've known each other, this is just the beginning. . .

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