Unless otherwise noted, this first section of photos were taken and copyrighted by Chloe Atkins

The Ceremony:

Here we are walking into the East Meadow at the beginning of the ceremony.

Our crane fan, which served as a backdrop to the ceremony photo by Niki

A wide view of the ceremony

Exchanging rings

The kiss!

Leaving the ceremony

The Portraits:

We'll spare you the innumerable combinations of family pictures. If you're family, you've already seen 'em anyway.

Our faithful and devoted readers

Reflection in the pool

A couple of silly yet highly characteristic pictures

Another typical picture of us

Close-up of Chi-An's bouquet & our rings

All the rest of these photos were taken by assorted friends and family

The Reception:

Our entrance into the reception. Obviously, Keith didn't know about the hockey sticks beforehand. He thought the guys were going to do the Klingon Rite of Ascension.

Our cake, which Chi-Bin describes as 'Noah's Wedding Cake'

Here's us cutting the cake

Detail of a centerpiece

Lots of cranes folded by the CTY crowd

A view of some people & more cranes

Closeup of those stylish hats we've got on

The Day After:

A few goofy pictures of us and Chi-Bin and Niki the day after our wedding

Behind the Scenes:

Our living room covered with centerpieces

Who turned out the lights?!

Keith assembles his Placecard Air Force of cranes

Stacia models the latest in crane evening wear

Lucy goes to new heights in decorating on the morning of the wedding

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last updated: 12/20/99